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Price List
Basic Package
Associated with Hiawatha Business Site$100.00/yr  ( Your website contected to Hiawatha Businesses.

Gold Package
A complete package includes : one page
1-6 pictures ( extra pictures can be added at a small fee)
Web address on  Hiawatha Businesses Up keep of site (monthly) $500.00/your (upkeep monthly will be at Your discretion, please inform Sage & Sweetgrass monthly)
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Competitors Prices
Web Design Basic Prices
Light Theme: $500 - $680
The most affordable solution to get a neat web site. Text links navigation, can be enhanced graphically (buttons menu), but no hover effects.
Classic Theme: $800 - $1090
Fairly complex websites, either because of the navigation menu or the graphic complexity or a more unusual website layout. Navigation can be JavaScript or simple Flash, hover and press effects, additionally to text links (for search engines).
Enhanced Theme: $1000+- $1360+